Translate a Menu into another language

This feature is only for PREMIUM users as it involves at least 2 Menulists. Technicaly, A Menu translated into 2 languages is based on 2 menus sharing the same Translation shared key.

Case study: A Menulist translated in both english and french

Add a first Menu

Create/add a first menu and set a language flag for it (EN or FR in this case). For the next step, you may need to copy the value from the Translation Shared Key field or to duplicate this new menu.

Create a second Menu

This second Menu must share the same 'Translation Shared Key' as the first Menu so that can identify both Menus as being 2translations of the same Menu. All you have to do is copy the 'Translation Shared Key' value from one menu to the other or simpl y click the 'Duplicate' button of the first Menu before you start translated the new 'clone'.

Language Flags

Last but not least, it is necessary you set for each french and english menu, the correct Language Flag. This flag makes it easy for you to quiclly identify translations but is also use by customers to 'click' or touch and switch menu language.
It's as easy as this. You can translate your Menulists into as many languages as you wish. Contact us if you are looking for translators.
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