How to choose the best Template for your Menu

Although it all can be edited at anytime, it is important you set the right Template for your Menulist. provides you with a large set of Templates that keeps on beeing enhanced everydays. Follow us on social networks to make sure you don't miss a new Template release.

Our Templates Galery

La Galerie des Templates

The Templates Galery is the site section allowing you to search, browse and evaluate, the easiest way, the most suitable Template for your Menulist

Les filtres génériques

Generic filters

Generic filters allow you to filter the Templates list by title, PREMIUM access, Featured templates and Exclusive Templates.

Filter by Title: List Templates by alphabetical order of the title (or inversed)
Filter by Premium Templates: Filter PREMIUM and public templates
Filter by Featured Templates: Featured templates are the most popular ones
Filter by Exclusive Templates: Premium only - Allows you to easyly retrieve your own Exclusive Temmplates
Les filtres tags

Tags filters

Tgas allow you to filter tTemplates by keywords. You can select a tag clicking it on the template thumbnail or from the tags list on the right part of the screen.
Le champs de recherche

Search field

Quickly find a template searching by a part of its title

Set the selected Template


The Select button

Every Template thumbnail has its Select button.

When you have found the most suitable Template, click this button. A list will allow you to choose if you prefer to use this Template for a new Menulist or an existing one.

As soon as you select your prefered option, the Menulist form opens with the Template field prefilled with your prefered Template.
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